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Pizza is a lifesaver, spirits-lifter, joy-bringer and quite a devoted friend. If you don’t feel like eating out, you may `order` pizza and enjoy it at home. We have the biggest variety of pizza. Either you are up to having a traditional pizza, chicken and prawn pizza or a value or an extra value pizza, or maybe a gluten free pizza or a pizza from our chef - you’ll find all of them in this online store. We’ve simplified the ordering process as much as possible. Right now you can `order` a pizza via the website, via your smartphone app, via phone or using a live chat. If your `order` exceeds 10 items, we have a great discount for you! We’ll deliver you a steaming pizza within 30 minutes, or you may pick it up yourself when it’s ready. Find the store nearby and check out for yourself.

So what types of pizza is available at our store? We have all types of meat: beef, chicken and bacon. Depending on your tastes, you may choose a very hot pizza or with no pepper at all. We offer you 3 sizes of pizza, so that no matter how many people you have in the company, there’s a proper quantity of it. If you are a vegetarian, we’ll make a delicious veg pizza for you. You may either choose a ready-made option from the menu or pick the ingredients yourself. There is a huge variety of cheese, and the quantity of cheese which you may have on your pizza is unlimited.

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